Learning Support

Within the comfortable, friendly ‘Learning Support’ environment at Newington Primary School, students know that they will always be encouraged to become confident, independent learners. They know that everyone is unique, learns at their own pace, and that reading is FUN!

Two literacy support programs are offered in Learning Support –

*Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) for junior students, and
*MacqLit for middle students, both of which support and run parallel with classroom English lessons.

These programs focus on ability levels to help improve and enrich the fluency of student reading, phonics knowledge, vocab development and comprehension skills. Small group literacy sessions combined with regular, ongoing assessments, allow for fluid movement and quick transitioning back into the classroom.

As students gradually improve their literacy knowledge and skills, they also build on self-confidence and deepen their own understanding of the wider world around them.


At Newington Primary School, students explore the culture and language of Japan from Foundation to Grade 6. We learn to read, write, listen and speak Japanese. We experience Japanese culture. We have the opportunity to improve our skills in Manga, Anime, origami, cooking, calligraphy and Haiku poetry.

Every 2 years, students in grades 5 and 6 have the opportunity to go to Japan. We also visit a school in Ballarat’s Sister City, Inagawa.

Every year our grade 6 students design an exciting Japanese festival for all students at Newington Primary School.


At Newington Primary, Students participate in a range of sports including:

Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Circus Skills, Cross Country, Fundamental Motor Skills, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Indigenous Games, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis.

Each year we receive specialist coaching through Sporting Schools Australia. This coaching changes each year focussing on a variety of different sports.

Students enjoy a variety of afterschool sports including Netball, Basketball, Cricket and Badminton.

At Newington Primary School we have fantastic facilities and an extensive range of sporting equipment for the student to use. We have a full sized basketball court and soccer pitch as well as large grassed areas for the students to play.

We have many competitive opportunities for students to compete and participate in School House Athletics and Cross Country. Students that compete competitively can move onto Interschool, Zone and State Championships.

We also offer many lunchtime Physical Education activities as well as training for students individual events.


In the Music room at Newington, students find many opportunities for expressing their thoughts in new ways. While learning music for a semester each year, students use their singing voices and a wide range of instruments to explore the world of music in a practical way.

In Foundation and Grade 1 students inquire into rhythm, pitch, tempo and form using Boomwackers, marimbas and other percussion instruments.

Every Grade 2 student is provided with a school violin so that they can participate in our amazing Grade 2 Violin Program. With weekly, small group lessons for a semester, students improve their fine and gross motor skills and exercise their higher order thinking skills while learning and performing engaging violin pieces.

In grade 3 all students take part in Recorder Karate, earning belts as they achieve new levels of learning and  in Grade 4 the focus is on learning through the Ukulele, playing and singing contemporary songs.

Our Grade 5s grow their musical knowledge and skills while learning to play bucket drums and in Grade 6 we add Guitar and keyboard, then bring it all together to form a class band. And, of course, composing, performing listening and singing continues right throughout our time in the Music room.

Outside the classroom there are many opportunities to be part of a music group, including lunchtime clubs open to all.

You can sing in the Sapling Choir and perform at the Royal South Street Eisteddfod or join the percussion ensemble CrashBangWallop and play at the begonia festival. 

Learning through music  is a great way to express ourselves and explore the world around us..


Students at our school are inspired and challenged to expand their knowledge and learn through engaging and stimulating studies of art techniques, artists past and present, and local, global, cultural and community celebrations and events. 

The Visual Arts curricula is an opportunity for students to explore creatively, whilst developing skills in a range of areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, modeling, construction, and threads and textiles. Students are encouraged to investigate a wide range of techniques and materials in order to become independent learners in using Visual Arts language and acquiring skills and knowledge. 

Students at our school are inspired to expand their knowledge and learn through engaging and stimulating studies of art techniques, artists past and present, and cultural and community celebrations and events.